Welcome to my Website!

So you have made it this far, I should tell you a little bit about myself!

First and foremost I am a husband to the most wonderful wife and father to the most entertaining and spirited daughter. Between these two girls my life is full of love and happiness and we enjoy spending time at the local beaches and eating out at new cafes and restaurants.

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For my day job I work in Telecommunications for a company managing service outages and complex faults along with service migrations for managing congestion to improve customer experience and decommissioning to reduce business costs. I have not always been in Telecommunications, by trade I am a chef and I still love cooking for friends and family.

Outside of work and family commitments I manage a large Australasian PC Gaming Community which is 18+. Within this community we mainly play and host FPS games like the Battlefield series, Counter Strike, PUBG along with survival games like DayZ, Ark and Rust and military type simulation games like the Amra series and mods. We host our own websites, communications platforms (Teamspeak) and also host gaming servers for our community and the wider gaming community.

As if those things were not enough to keep me busy I also love tinkering with technology and dabbling in webdesign. I have designed and hosted multiple websites for clients and family members and have 6 sites currently under my management including this one.

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